Mission and Vision:

Our Mission:

To promote community responsibility so every Pennsylvania child is protected from child abuse, including sexual abuse.

Our Vision:

Ensure that every Pennsylvania child is nurtured and protected within a permanent family.

We’re dedicated to:

  • Changing culture so protecting children is a shared priority and community responsibility;
  • Engaging adults in a commitment to nurture, protect, listen to & speak up for children;
  • Strengthening the parent-child bond;
  • Convening and connecting agents of change and cultivating inter-disciplinary partnerships so that prevention and intervention strategies are research-informed, coordinated and built upon protective factors within a child’s family and community;
  • Facilitating a child’s healing and access to justice through trauma-informed, child-centered and coordinated investigations, interventions and judicial proceedings; and
  • Pursuing accountability so that prevention strategies and child protection policies and practices are transparent, informed by objective data and continuously measured for quality and effectiveness.

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